Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A Career In Fitness

As a kid I always enjoyed sport.  Netball was a clear favourite which I played competitively. 
In my late teens I became a 'Gym Junkie' - aerobics in the eighties was very in!
The twenties saw me try a varied number of exercise routines like running, swimming, netball, weights and fitness in general.
I had my two beautiful children in my early/mid thirties and wasn't involved in any major exercise regimes.
I was about 41 when a friend encouraged me to join her Personal Training class at a local park.  I haven't looked back since!  I've developed a different appreciation for health and fitness and have a desire to learn a lot more and to share that with others.  I love to encourage and to make people feel great.  That's the reason I'm now on this journey.
I did my homework and contacted several fitness training centres.  They offered either or both classroom and online studies.  Fit College impressed me the most with their down to earth yet professional approach.  I am currently studying Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness with Fit College online. The course is very comprehensive. It is a challenge, however the program so far is very user friendly, informative and support is available.
Becoming a Personal Trainer means I can help to make positive changes to the lives of others.